I'm Thomas Smith. I am a Licensed Independent Healthcare Agent with many years of experience, and the team leader for Its That Time Agency. We are independent agents, which means we are not beholden to any one healthcare carrier, but rather we look for the best fit for for you from most of the available healthcare carriers. 

I am pleased to have as members of my team: 

Shaun Levin: You can reach Shaun at 305-900-4435. Or email Shaun at 

Steve Snider: You can reach Steve at 214-560-4020. Or email Steve at  

Daniela Bogdan: You can reach Daniela at 630-426-1010. Or email Daniela at

Kevin Paden: You can reach Kevin at 404-596-5767. Or eamil Kevin at

Jeff Bartkowiak: You can reach Jeff at 480-582-2626. Or email Jeff at

Violet Bannon (Aughenbaugh): You can reach Violet at 717-750-3030. Or email Violet at

Robert Church: You can reach Robert at 281-584-3434. Or email Robert at  

Marilyn Clements: You can reach Marilyn at 640-200-3020. Or email Joel at 

You can also reach our great support department headed by Patti Johnson by phoning 480-634-0400 or emailing 

Most importantly, our team wants you to feel completely educated because Medicare is confusing. This is why I wrote the MEDICARE, ITS THAT TIME! book. I believe that great healthcare is so vital, especially when we reach the Medicare stage of our life, that it is of utmost importance for anyone to fully understand their Medicare choices. Whether you use our services, or someone else’s, I do hope you read my free book and that you find it of great value to you.

Our team looks forward to answering any questions you may have and in helping you choose a Medicare plan that is perfect for you. Please also be advised that the services of any health insurance agent selling Medicare plans, including our team, are 100% FREE of cost to you.

Our team is made up of experienced agents. We handle all telephone calls personally. We are committed to giving you as much time as you need to discuss your Medicare options and help you set up the best plan choice for you. We will also stick with you to ensure you get the most out of the Medicare plan you choose. We do hope we can be part of making Medicare a great experience for you!